Center for Community College Partnerships


The Center for Community College Partnerships is responsible for developing and strengthening academic partnerships between UCLA and California community colleges, particularly those with large underrepresented student populations.

In its commitment to social justice and diversity, UCLA CCCP works to increase transfer rates and success of underserved community college populations by holistically equipping students with skills and knowledge of available transfer pathways to empower them to become self-advocates and leaders in their communities.

UCLA CCCP contributes to the scholarship that focuses on transfer issues (research, policy-making, publications, etc.), ultimately enhancing transfer-sending and transfer-receptive culture through the leadership and success of our peer mentors, scholars, and alumni and through the collaboration of staff and faculty at universities and community colleges.

CCCP works closely with community college administrators, faculty, and staff to:

  • create strong academic support programs,
  • improve students’ academic preparation and competitiveness for admission to the university,
  • and increase the diversity of UCLA’s transfer admit pool.

The Center works closely with the UCLA Office of Undergraduate Admissions, the Community College Transfer Recruitment staff and other campus departments to help coordinate UCLA’s transfer strategic plans with community colleges.

NEWS FOR 2016-2017:

CCCP Scholars 2016-17
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