A Message from The Staff of the Academic Advancement Program (AAP)

To the UCLA Community,   

We, staff members of the Academic Advancement Program, want to underscore the vital role each of you play in our community and the UCLA campus at large during these challenging times. Your unwavering support is appreciated, has undergirded, and keeps our community strong. We also want to recognize and applaud the bravery and strength of our students who are exercising their constitutional right to protest war and genocide.  

We denounce the acts of violence which transpired against peaceful protestors at the hands of outside agitators on Tuesday, April 30, and at the hands of police on Wednesday, May 1st. 

We are also appalled by the failure of the University to protect our students while they were protesting peacefully. We want to highlight that the very foundations of AAP were born out of a long legacy of student activism and advocacy for human rights and social justice.  Thus, we have always supported the right to free speech and protest and condemned the use of excessive force and violence. 

Given that our students continue to be disproportionately affected by the recent acts of violence, we call on the university leadership to:  

  1. Not seek academic disciplinary measures (including suspension and expulsion) toward the students who participated in the Palestine Solidarity Encampment.  
  2. Provide leniency in academic policies and regulations toward all students directly and indirectly affected by the recent events on campus.  
  3. Provide additional support in the form of mental health services and healing spaces for students to process what is occurring on campus.   

Furthermore, we would like to highlight the support and resources provided by Student Affairs, UCLA Health, CAPS, and our various campus partners during this critical time (Student Affairs website and Counseling & Psychological Services, and to employees through the Staff & Faculty Counseling Center).   

We in AAP will continue constructive dialogue that centers the concerns, experiences, and collective care of our community, as well as respond with empathy and support to all of our students and staff. Please prioritize your health and well-being. Your well-being is crucial to our collective success.  In addition to the resources UCLA offers, also consider leaning into the emotional support that comes from being with family, friends, and communities who care about your wellbeing. Our own Community of Care is different for each of us, and intentional planning is needed to combat the anxiety, hopelessness, and exhaustion that are very real challenges that we continue to endure.   

Over our 53-year history, much of our mission has focused on advocating and facilitating the access, academic success, and graduation of students who have been historically underrepresented in higher education. The staff of AAP remain committed and dedicated to this mission of providing the best academic support and services to our students.  We encourage you to call on us for support when needed.  


The Staff of the Academic Advancement Program (AAP)