The UndocuBruins Research Program guides undocumented AAP students in their junior or senior year to develop research experience and their graduate school goals. Participants undertake a research project under the guidance of a graduate mentor and a faculty mentor. UndocuBruins will also develop their graduate school applications- curriculum vita, draft personal and professional statements, learn how to obtain strong letters of recommendation, etc. Students who are interested in graduate school and who would like to learn about how to conduct academic research are strongly encouraged to apply.

Eligibility Criteria

UndocuBruins applicants must be:

  1. AAP undocumented students
  2. In their junior or senior year (third or fourth year at UCLA). Transfer students are encouraged to apply.
  3. Interested in applying to Master’s or Ph.D. programs in any field

Program Timeline

The program requires a two quarter commitment during the Winter and Spring quarters of the application year.


  • Meet with the UndocBruins Research Program Coordinator to learn more about the program.
  • Submit an UndocuBruins Research Program application – please refer to the “How Do I Apply to the UndocuBruins Research Program?” section below for more details.


  • Enroll in the weekly UndocuBruins Research Program 2-unit Honors Collegium 193A seminar
  • Attend weekly one-on-one and cohort meetings with the UndocuBruins Research Program Coordinator


  • Enroll in an independent research studies course through a 2-unit Student Research Program (SRP 99) Course or a departmental 199 course with a Faculty Mentor
  • Attend bi-weekly one-on-one and cohort meetings with the UndocuBruins Research Program Coordinator
  • Submit and present research at the annual UCLA Undergraduate Research Week

How Do I Apply to the UndocuBruins Research Program?

Complete the TWO part application by Nov 14, 2017, 4:00PM

Part I

  • Online application (open Fall quarter)

Part II

  • Submit application packet to 1202 Campbell Hall:
  • Research Proposal (1,000 word max)
  • Personal Statement (750 word max)
  • Recent copy of  CA Dream Act Confirmation Page/Email
  • Unofficial Transcript
  • Copy of Electronic Financial Aid Notification (e-FAN)


For more information, please contact:
Yadira Valencia
1202 Campbell Hall