About The Program

Educators for Tomorrow (EFT) is a program dedicated to assisting new generations of educators who are committed to academic excellence and aiding underrepresented and underserved communities with access, opportunity, and equity. The program seeks students who wish to pursue careers in educational research or the following areas within K-16:

  • Teaching
  • Student Affairs
  • Higher Education Administration
  • Educational Policy

Under the guidance of a graduate mentor, EFT Scholars develop research skills and design their own research project informed by an educational internship site. In addition, EFT Scholars explore and learn about graduate degree programs in Education. Upon the completion of the program, students present their final work at UCLA Undergraduate Research Week and are prepared to apply to graduate school.

Program Timeline



  • Enroll in the EFT weekly 2-unit honors seminar (HC 193A)
  • Attend weekly one-on-one meetings with the EFT Program Coordinator
  • Learn about graduate programs in Education and required entrance exams


  • Enroll in a 4-unit departmental 199 Independent Studies course (e.g., EDUC 199)
  • Attend weekly one-on-one meetings with the EFT Program Coordinator
  • Complete an internship at an educational site related to their EFT research project
  • Students present their work at the annual UCLA Undergraduate Research Week

For More Information

Contact Cohort Coordinators:

Alika Masei, amasei@college.ucla.edu


An image of the 2020 - 2021 Educators For Tomorrow Cohort taken over Zoom.

2020-2021 Educators for Tomorrow Cohort (in alphabetical order): Diana Alvarado, Paola Benitez, Patrosinio Cruz, Veronica Leal, Martha Gomez Mora, Dianna Rivera Rios, Luis Sotelo, Jerikka Thomas, Mandie Torres, Jacki Valadez, Sofia Villatoro, Jennifer Zuniga

An image of the previous 2019 - 2020 Educators for Tomorrow Cohort smiling indoors.

2019-2020 Educators for Tomorrow Cohort: Bessie Sanchez, Carolina Elias, Crystal Soriano, Danielle Espinoza, Esmeralda Aldaz, Giovanna India, Kayleah Kellybrew, Martha Xuncax, Shanyn Chapman and Vick Garcia. 

How To Apply

In order to be eligible to apply for EFT, applicants must:

  1. Be an AAP student
  2. Have junior or senior year standing at the time of applying
  3. Plan to apply to graduate/professional programs within the field of Education
  4. Have interest in conducting independent research
  5. Demonstrate commitment to social justice

After ensuring eligibility, you can apply by using the EFT Application Form when applications are being accepted.