Current Briefing Book coming soon.

UCLA’s Academic Advancement Program (AAP) is a premier academic enrichment program open to students of all races, ethnicities, and social backgrounds whose entering academic profiles indicate that they would most benefit from AAP’s innovative services. Students who are eligible may join AAP by requesting admission to the program. A significant number of AAP students come from low-income families, are the first in their family to go to college, are immigrants, and are from underrepresented minority communities. All AAP students enter UCLA as high achievers who have demonstrated their potential to excel at, and graduate from, UCLA.

Built on principles of social justice, AAP has a threefold mission: 1) to ensure the academic success and graduation of students who have been historically underrepresented in higher education; 2) to increase the numbers of AAP students entering graduate and professional schools; and 3) to develop the academic, scientific, political, economic, and community leadership necessary to transform society. The successful integration of our three-fold mission strengthens our commitment to access, equity and excellence.

This AAP Briefing Book has been prepared for those interested in learning more about the Academic Advancement Program. The briefing materials highlight the goals, organizational structures, budgets and leadership of AAP.