HIGH AIMS provides academic, career and mentoring support to AAP students who are interested in gaining admission to health profession school. It is also designed to provide them with effective strategies to be successful in gateway science courses. It is a cohort program that will admit and support students for two years. Students must be current sophomores. Students will be required to participate in internships, research, Saturday Career seminars, program meetings, community service activities and workshops. HIGH AIMS is administered by the Academic Advancement Program’s (AAP) Office of Graduate Mentoring and Research Programs.

Program Prerequisites

Students seeking entry into the program must have completed two science gateway classes with a 2.5 average in all science courses and be currently in their second year (sophomore), with a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher. They also must have a demonstrated interest in the health professions and in learning about health care issues and health disparities.

Program Requirements

Students selected to participate in HIGH AIMS must adhere to the following:

  1. Sign an agreement committing to the two year program and following all rules and expectations of the program
  2. Maintain at least a 3.0 GPA in all classes
  3. Complete a minimum number of community service hours (to be determined)
  4. Attend regular meetings of HIGH AIMS staff and students
  5. Attend all academic and peer facilitated review sessions
  6. Meet with assigned academic counselor twice each quarter to develop an academic plan and timetable for applying to a health profession school
  7. Attend HIGH AIMS workshops and monthly Saturday Career Information Sessions
  8. Participate in research with a UCLA faculty member or assigned mentor for at least one quarter
  9. Adhere to and meet all program deadlines

Program Eligibility Criteria

  1. A demonstrated interest in the health sciences as evidenced by volunteer, observation, or career exploration experiences
  2. A minimum overall and science GPA of 2.5
  3. Completed at least two “gateway science courses” (life science, chemistry, physics, math, etc.)
  4. Submit an unofficial copy of your most recent Transcript
  5. Submit two letters of recommendation- one from a science professor/TA and one from a counselor/employer
  6. Write an essay describing why you want to be in the program and how they would address issues of health disparities
  7. Participate in an orientation workshop and be interviewed by HIGH AIMS staff and faculty
  8. Students from disadvantaged and historically underrepresented groups are strongly encouraged to apply

Application available in Spring.

For any questions or concerns, please email the High AIMS Intern, Leslie Romo, at lromo@college.ucla.edu

Program Administration

Charles J. Alexander, Ph.D.
Director, Academic Advancement Program
Associate Vice Provost for Student Diversity

Albert Alexander
AAP Academic Counselor

Alice Ho, Ph.D.
Director, AAP Mentoring and Research Programs

Emmanuel Owaka
AAP Peer Learning Center Coordinator

Advisory Committee

Charles J. Alexander, PhD
Director, Academic Advancement Program
Associate Vice Provost for Student Diversity

Emmanuel Owaka
Peer Learning Lab Coordinator (Math-Science)
UCLA Academic Advancement Program

Edmund Hewlett, DDS, MPH
Associate Dean and Professor
UCLA School of Dentistry

Alice Ho, PhD
Director, AAP Mentoring and Research Programs

Al Alexander, Academic Counselor
Academic Advancement Program

Hy Doyle, PhD
Director, UCLA PRIME
Geffen School of Medicine

Vickie Mays, PhD, MSPH
School of Public Health

Dr. Alice Kuo
Associate Clinical Professor
UCLA Center for Healthier Children, Families and Communities