The AAP Evaluation component is charged with designing, implementing, and troubleshooting database applications for tracking and monitoring progress and quantitative outcomes of all AAP students, as well as the activities of AAP. We provide data and data analysis to all AAP Unit Directors and maintain student tracking software to assist in student advising and reporting statistics.  We oversee the creation of digital applications for the collection of data from students and faculty; and manage an active interface across units for mass data collection, transfer, and input for AAP student tracking. In addition, we generate descriptive data for reports, including federal grant annual performance reports, provide data administration and support to ensure that data sources are accurate and readily accessible to AAP staff, recommend database policies and procedures, identify and provide solutions for technological needs of AAP staff and students, and serve as liaison between AAP units.

The Evaluation Unit continuously engages with UCLA’s University Information Technology Team (UIT) to enhance our student management software programs. Real time cohort rosters and utilization reports are generated and used to facilitate formative and summative programmatic adjustments. This process is ideal to make  “comparative analysis and longitudinal study, documenting the academic profile of AAP students by major, grade point average, class standing, ethnicity, and gender; for documenting the number of AAP students engaged in undergraduate research, participating in College Honors, completing Departmental Honors, taking part in Education Abroad, and participating in service learning; and for documenting the number of AAP students entering graduate and professional schools.

AAP Assessment Projects Review 2015

AAP Closure Report 2015

FTSP Assessment 2015

AAP Peer Learning Assessment Report

AAP Counseling Assessment Report

AAP Membership and GPA 2014

The AAP Communication unit is responsible for establishing and maintaining communication channels between AAP and all AAP students. We develop and maintain e-mail and address rosters of all current and former AAP students and send out frequent digital messaging to AAP students and staff about all upcoming AAP events and activities. We interact with AAP students via the MyUCLA notifications feature. We have several MyUCLA groups currently in use (AAP Students, McNair students, AAP Student Advisory Committee, Mentoring, Transfer Students, etc.) and staff from various AAP units frequently post to these groups. We have recently added new AAP social networking linkages (Facebook and Twitter) to the AAP home page.

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